Holly Adams Films

Technophile bombshell Alex Sparx creates the

“Man-App,” a phone application that instantly

delivers the man of her dreams at the touch of

a button. But the lines between fantasy and

reality become increasingly blurred as the

apps threaten to change humanity forever.

The Man-App Pitch Deck 

Lotus Eye Productions, LLC

The Man-App

  Romantic Comedy Musical, Feature Film

New Projects and fundraising

NoPlace, A film about finding home, my first feature film script is ready to shoot!

"Badlands meets" the "Wizard of Oz"

 "The Muse"

"Never underestimate the will of a woman"

a feminist retelling of Pygmalion and My Fair Lady

in a short

narrative dramatic film

written and directed by Holly Adams

to be shot in black & white 16mm film

15 year old Mary has just discovered that she is pregnant with her father’s child. After shooting him, she takes off on the road to escape the claustrophobic small town of House, New Mexico. Simultaneously, Joe (19) has accidentally killed his obese helpless mother escaping his trailer trash existence with a baseball card collection. Joe picks Mary up hitchhiking and together they take off in search of new lives. They discover themselves in each other and embark on a crazy adventure into maturity and love but not before their time runs out.