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Holly Adams has been working in the entertainment industry since the age of 13. She got her start as a ballerina and lived the gypsy lifestyle for over 20 years moving from San Francisco to Milwaukee and finally New York City dancing her way across the globe.

Her first acting role was the lead as "The Girl" in the short film, Betaville, which earned her a cult following and roles in close to 20 other underground films in New York. In 1994, Holly wrote, directed and starred in "Nymphomania", which was picked up by the British Film Institute and opened their History of the Avant-Garde series video entitled The Cinema of Transgression.

Now living in Albuquerque, NM where film tax incentives are available, Holly has written, directed and produced the short films: Hot Dog, Here Boy, Plots, Leather Kittens Gone Bad, An Unlikely Hero, The Gift, The Man-App, Shadows of Waste and a music video for a Los Angeles pop star. Holly is in development on a musical version of her feature film, "The Man-App", a romantic comedy where you can have "the man of your dreams at the touch of a button".  Holly is also currently working on a dark drama feature script entitled "No Place". Her next project is a short film, "The Muse" with more information available under the "New Projects" tab.

Best Cinematography

Shadows of Waste

New Mexico Women in Film, 2016

Bronze Award

Shadows of Waste

LA Neo-Noir Film Festival

Best Production Design

The Man-App

Miami International Film Festival


After much thought concerning making another short film which has a very little chance of making money, I have decided to concentrate my energies on producing my first feature film, "No Place", a dark drama about finding home.

I have invested the money I raised from "The Muse" campaign into software for scheduling and budgeting, I am also working on refining the script and educating myself on business plans, fundraising and editing and I hope to have the pitch deck ready in early 2018. Instead of donating, you will now have the opportunity to invest in a feature film. 

Thanks so much for your continued support of women making movies!

Holly Adams


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